When it comes to bath towels, there is a tendency to think mainly of the functional purpose and overlook the decorative effect.  Decorated bathroom towels can create a focal point in the bathroom, add color and enhance the overall theme.   Try these simple ideas to give an instant make over to your bathroom:

Mix prints with solids, or patterns with plain ones in coordinating colors in your bathroom.

Sew patterned fabric trim to your solid color towels.  Combine these with artificial flowers in coordinating colors.

Sew decorative trim to your towels and add coordinating decorative ties.

Simply add a bright ribbon tied in a pretty bow.

Introducing complementary colors to the bathroom is easy with the use of bath towels.

Add decorative elements to your towels that match the bathroom theme.

Link the bath towels with the hand towel by using the same decorative element on both of them.

Bright and fun colors make kid’s rooms extra lively and special.

Muted neutral colors create a relaxed atmosphere for any guest bathroom.

Bright towels will enliven and add extra drama to any neutral colored bathroom.

Surprise your guests by adding an extra bright touch, or unexpected decorative element to your neutral towels.

Use your imagination and have fun decorating your bathroom.


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